How We Differ

About us and how we are a genuinely different provider of employment law services

Altor Employment Solicitors is a specialist employment law practice. Employment law is all we do. This means we can focus all of our firm’s efforts on specifically what the people who purchase employment law services want. The firm was established in 2016 by a highly experienced employment practitioner who spent the previous 10 years leading an employment team at the largest law firm in the world.

  • Okay, that’s different from most solicitors’ firms but there are some other employment law firms out there already. Is anything else different …?

We provide premium level employment law advice, all and only from highly experienced, partner and senior associate level solicitors. We can cater for your needs in the UK and internationally.

  • Okay, so my work will not be done by junior lawyers that can take twice the time where I still have to pay for a partner to check and correct the work. That is different … and interesting. But will I pay a typical partner rate for that level of service?

Not with us. We suggest three core pricing models but we are happy to discuss others that may be more relevant to you or your business. Regardless of the model though, you will pay materially less, and receive materially better value, than you would in the usual corporate law firm model.

  • How can you do this without compromising on quality?

In our experience, purchasers of employment law services want high quality, professional advice delivered by people they can comfortably talk and relate to at a cost that is fair and transparent.

  • And what about these employment law consultants/quasi legal service providers I’ve heard about?

We distinguish ourselves from that market with our areas of expertise, experience and quality. There is no comparison. Our top end service levels are ingrained in us from many years working for sophisticated clients at premium law firms. Our clients receive the same level of service that they receive from a top tier law firm in the centre of the City, just like the firms that we have come from, but for materially better value.

Genuinely different.

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