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Altor Employment Solicitors is, purposefully, both similar and different to the traditional corporate law firm model.

We are similar in terms of our ethos in and to excellence.

We are different in terms of our ability to provide a working model that will enhance your personal and professional life to include:

  • You retain the flexibility and choice to work the hours and days you want
  • You retain the flexibility and choice as to where you work e.g. work from home two days a week and from the office on your other working days or from home all of the week. It’s your choice
  • You retain accountability and control for the clients you work with
  • You retain our trust to work with your clients in the best way possible; no micro-management
  • You retain between 70% and 90% of the fees you generate
  • If you would like further information please email in the strictest confidence.

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