We provide employment and workplace mediation services. Simon Whysall is an accredited mediator. Examples of mediations that Simon has been involved in include:

  • Airline Group: mediating between a senior employee and his employer.  The employee was alleged to have committed an act of gross misconduct. The employee claimed that the incident was not serious, was commonplace and regularly accepted by the employer as a practice before it had been recently acquired by another company. The matter had attracted some publicity and there were other employee issues that the employee believed required the employer’s attention
  • Media company: mediating between an employee and his line manager, involving issues of bullying, discrimination on the grounds of race and under performance. The employer was particularly keen to find a solution to a problem that involved two important members of staff at a time when one of them was integral to the acquisition of another business
  • College: mediating between a college and a student, involving a complaint that the student had been unable to obtain his desired degree because of the college’s failure to adequately accommodate the student’s disability. The student also complained that he had missed out on a job opportunity as a consequence. The college’s position was that it had done all that could have been reasonably expected of it to support the student
  • International Bank: representing the London branch of an international bank in a judicial mediation that involved allegations of sex and pregnancy based discrimination, constructive dismissal and redundancy
  • Global IT services company: representing an international company in the IT services sector in a judicial mediation that involved claims by a husband and wife against their employer, involving allegations of unfair dismissal and discrimination


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