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We aspire to provide the very best of value. We can do this by being, genuinely, different. We have stripped away what we consider the clients don’t want (or need) to pay for. In our experience purchasers of employment law services want high quality, professional advice delivered by people they can comfortably talk and relate to at a price that is fair and transparent. Purchasers of employment law services have told us they don’t want (or need) the expensive infrastructure and overheads that come with a traditional corporate law firm. They don’t want (or need) large and expensive support departments with large and expensive premium site offices for their lawyers. They don’t want (or need) to pay for the junior lawyers to learn their trade by doing their work … By designing our model in this way and specifically for the purchasers of employment law services we are able to offer, genuinely, competitive and different fees and pricing models. We propose three core pricing models:

  • Hourly rates. We charge you an agreed highly competitive hourly rate and you pay for precisely what you use. Where the work allows, we will always provide informed estimates before any cost is incurred
  • Retainers. This can cover everything to include employment litigation and training or it can cover most of your typical requirements with agreed exceptions.  Please go to Altor Complete for details of our annual retainer model.  This includes optional legal expenses insurance to cover legal fees and awards of up to £250,000 per claim in the event of Employment Tribunal litigation
  • Fixed fees for certain types of work. This may be to run a bespoke training session, to run a mediation, to draft a handbook for your business or to defend an Employment Tribunal complaint. We are also happy to explore whether your employment litigation can be funded by insurance

We have provided more information for bringing and defending claims for unfair and wrongful dismissal in the Employment Tribunals here – read more

We are happy to discuss any pricing model that you have in mind and any variations to our three core pricing models above. We want and aim to be flexible in the way that we charge for our services – not just at the outset of the relationship with you but throughout, so we continue to provide the best value for each piece of work. Whether you pay an hourly rate, a fixed fee or an all-inclusive retainer, you will pay materially less than you would for the same level of service from the usual corporate law firm model.

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