We provide bespoke training courses that will develop and enhance the skills of you and your staff. 

This can prevent problems ever arising and protect your business in litigation if you find yourself involved in a dispute.

Courses that we offer include:

  • How to run an investigation and disciplinary hearing without tripping up on process
  • A fully interactive mock employment tribunal where you and your staff can take on the roles of the advocates and witnesses and obtain first hand experience of the pitfalls
  • What are the key concepts of the TUPE regulations – what is the difference between a business acquisition and a service provision change transfer (with interactive case studies)?
  • What does diversity mean for your organisation – what are your obligations and what is a recommended course of action in this area?
  • Serious illness or plain old malingering? How to fairly, expeditiously and lawfully manage repeated and long term employee absence and the resultant dismissal
  • Employment Law updates – Simon Whysall has led the Annual Legal Update for the Milton Keynes branch of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development for a number of years


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